Quickly and easily apply a grayscale to colour hover on images.


To apply this component, just add the data-f-grayscale attribute to a container element around a the image or images you wisht to apply the component to.



<div class="f-grid f-grid-collapse" data-f-grayscale="{transition:'random'}">
	<a href="" title="">
		<img src="..." alt="...">
	<a href="" title="">
		<img src="..." alt="...">

JavaScript options

Option Possible value Default Description
transition fade bottomLeftSwipe bottomTopSwipe topBottomSwipe
leftRightSwipe topBottomSlide bottomTopSlide bottomTopScale
topBottomScale bottomLeftScale topLeftScale or random
fade The type of transition for the colour in
speedIn integer 200 The speed of the transition in
speedOut integer 500 The speed of the transition out