Handy variables to keep things consistent.

Variables work slightly differently in FatKit compared to the old Fat Boilerplate. There is a standard variables file as there always has been to define global variables used throughout the Sass files. But each component (where required) will have it's own set of variables defined at the top of the Sass file. To make changes to a single component that is where you need to look.

The global variables file looks like:

// Component:       Variables
// Description:     Defines all color and style related values as variables
//                  to allow easy customization for the most common cases.
// ========================================================================

// Global variables
// ========================================================================

// Breakpoints
$breakpoint-small:				480px;
$breakpoint-medium:				768px;
$breakpoint-large:				960px;
$breakpoint-xlarge:				1220px;

$breakpoint-mini-max:			($breakpoint-small - 1);
$breakpoint-small-max:			($breakpoint-medium - 1);
$breakpoint-medium-max:			($breakpoint-large - 1);
$breakpoint-large-max:			($breakpoint-xlarge - 1);

// Sizes
$basefontsize:					16; // Note, no units

/* filepaths

  Variables for controlling files and their paths

--------------------------------------------------------- */

$imgPath: '/assets/images';
$fontPath: '/assets/fonts';

/* Colours

  Define your colour variables here. Try not to use names
  that correspond to the colour because when they change
  the name might not make sense.

--------------------------------------------------------- */

$palette1 :		#123456;

/* Text colours

  Use this loop to create colour classes based on the
  colours above

  e.g. $text-colours: (name #000 #fff) (name2 #fff #000);

  would produce:

  .name {
  	color: #000;

  .name-bg {
  	background-color: #000;
  	color: #fff;

  .name2 {
  	color: #000;

  .name2-bg {
  	background-color: #000;
  	color: #fff;

--------------------------------------------------------- */

$text-colours: false !default;

 * If a colours array as been provided in the variables file this will loop through
 * and create colour variables

@if $text-colours {

	@each $colour in $text-colours {
		$name: nth($colour, 1);
		$hex: nth($colour, 2);
		$color: nth($colour, 3);

		.#{$name} {
			color: $hex;

		.#{$name}-bg {
			background-color: $hex;
			color: $color;



/* @global spacing unit

  Define an em value for $unit.  $unit is a helpful little
  variable that serves to keep your spacing consistent.

  Most often, 1 $unit is equal to your baseline height.  So
  if your baseline height is 1.125ems (which is 18px), that's
  the value of 1 $unit.

--------------------------------------------------------- */

$modifier: 1.125;
$unit: 1.125em;

// Custom font declarations
// ========================================================================

// @include font-face('FontName', '/path/to/font', 'FontWeight');

// Variables
// ========================================================================

$base-body-background:                          #fff;
$base-body-font-family:                         "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
$base-body-font-weight:                         normal;
$base-body-font-size:                           14px;
$base-body-line-height:                         1.8;
$base-body-color:                               #444;

$base-link-color:                               #07D;
$base-link-text-decoration:                     none;
$base-link-hover-color:                         #059;
$base-link-hover-text-decoration:               underline;

$base-code-color:                               #D05;
$base-code-font-size:                           12px;
$base-code-font-family:                         Consolas, monospace, serif;
$base-em-color:                                 #D05;
$base-ins-background:                           #ffa;
$base-ins-color:                                #444;
$base-mark-background:                          #ffa;
$base-mark-color:                               #444;
$base-quote-font-style:                         italic;

$base-margin:                                   15px;
$base-margin-vertical:                          15px;

$base-heading-font-family:                      "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
$base-heading-font-weight:                      normal;
$base-heading-color:                            #444;
$base-heading-text-transform:                   none;
$base-heading-margin-top:                       25px;
$base-h1-font-size:                             36px;
$base-h1-line-height:                           42px;
$base-h2-font-size:                             24px;
$base-h2-line-height:                           30px;
$base-h3-font-size:                             18px;
$base-h3-line-height:                           24px;
$base-h4-font-size:                             16px;
$base-h4-line-height:                           22px;
$base-h5-font-size:                             14px;
$base-h5-line-height:                           20px;
$base-h6-font-size:                             12px;
$base-h6-line-height:                           18px;

$base-list-padding-left:                        30px;

$base-hr-margin-vertical:                       $base-margin-vertical;
$base-hr-border:                                #ddd;
$base-hr-border-width:                          1px;

$base-blockquote-padding-left:                  15px;
$base-blockquote-border:                        #ddd;
$base-blockquote-border-width:                  5px;
$base-blockquote-font-size:                     16px;
$base-blockquote-line-height:                   22px;
$base-blockquote-font-style:                    italic;

$base-pre-padding:                              10px;
$base-pre-background:                           #f5f5f5;
$base-pre-color:                                #444;
$base-pre-font-size:                            12px;
$base-pre-line-height:                          18px;
$base-pre-font-family:                          $base-code-font-family;

$base-selection-background:                     #39f;
$base-selection-color:                          #fff;