Accessibility & W3C Validation

Make your checks easier with our new accessibility tools!

A couple of new tasks have been added to FatKit recently to make your checklist even easier to complete. You can now run accessibility reports right from the command line!

This has been split into two sections, but you can run them all in one command too.

Accessibility Report

The accessibility report is generated by using a Grunt plugin called grunt-accessibility. It runs through your HTML files and checks them for accessibility concerns.

Validation Report

The validation report is generated by using a Grunt plugin called grunt-w3c-html-validation. It also runs through your HTML, page by page, and creates a validation report in HTML format.

Running the Report

The accessibility and W3C validation reports are generated by running the check.bat file from the command line. This will copy your HTML files to the www folder, run the string-replace functions to inject your repeaters and includes and then run the W3C validation report followed by the accessibility report.

NOTE By default the accessibility report only shows errors to the console. To include warnings run:
check.bat true

You can also run the individual tasks separately with grunt validate and grunt access, respectively, but you will need to have run the production task prior to any changes (to rebuild the HTML).

The reports get output to a reports folder. The W3C reports are HTML files and the accessibility report is a JSON file. I've created a script that runs as part of the above check.bat file that outputs a tidy version of the accessibility report to the command line too.

Always Wave as you go

It is also worth checking your static with the Wave Evaluation Tool as you go and before you publish as it is the most up-to-date and easy to use.