Project structure

Dig into the core of FatKit and learn what it's all about.


FatKit is hosted on GitHub and licensed under MIT license. You're welcome to use it for all your personal and commercial projects. To access all source files, just clone the repository on GitHub or download the latest version.

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File structure

FatKit is built on Sass, a CSS preprocessor, which adds variables, mixins and much more to CSS. It compiles code written in Sass into CSS. The main file structure of FatKit is as follows.

Folder Description
/assets Contains all of the fonts, styles and scripts for FatKit.
/config Contains all of the config files for the Grunt workflow tools.
/grunt Contains all of the individual setup scripts for the Grunt processes.

Automate preprocessing

To automate the process of compiling Sass files into CSS, we use Grunt, a Node.js based task runner, that watches the source directory you are working on. Whenever you save changes in the source files, Grunt automatically compiles all files into one single CSS file.

To find out how to get set up with Grunt just head on over to the workflow docs.


FatKit provides test files for every component. Each of these pages contains test cases of its component and gives you an overview of all the possibilities that are supported out of the box.

FatKit uses BrowserSync to accelerate your workflow. Run grunt dev and you will be able to see changes on-the-fly, not only in your browser but across multiple devices.

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