Create a fancy lightbox for images and videos utilizing the Modal component.


To apply this component, add the data-f-lightbox attribute to an anchor linking to the image you wish to display. If a title attribute exists it will be displayed as a caption for the lightbox.


Open lightbox


<a href="my-image.jpg" data-f-lightbox title="Use this" data-title="Or this for captions">...</a>


You can link multiple images to the same lightbox and switch between them from within the lightbox, thus creating a gallery. Just add the {group:'my-group'} option to the data attribute of each item using the same name on all items that you want to group.



<a href="" data-f-lightbox="{group:'my-group'}">...</a>

Different content sources

A lightbox is not restricted to images. Other media, like videos, can be displayed inside a lightbox and it will automatically generate the correct output by evaluating your path.


Image MP4 Vimeo YouTube Iframe

Content types

If no filename extension is defined in the image path, just add the data-lightbox-type="image" attribute. This works for videos as well. The iframe content type will be automatically detected for urls ending in .html or .php. To force the iframe, add the data-lightbox-type="iframe" attribute.

JavaScript options

Option Possible value Default Description
allowfullscreen boolean true Whether embedded videos can toggle fullscreen or not (adds the allowfullscreen attribute to Iframes)
videooptions object false Optional options to add to the video
group string false Group name to group elements as a gallery to show
duration integer 400 Animation duration between gallery item change
keyboard boolean true Allow keyboard navigation
zoom boolean false Adds modal zoom to mobile lightbox

Init element manually

var lightbox = FatKit.lightbox(element, { /* options */ });

Create dynamic lightbox

								var lightbox = FatKit.lightbox.create([
									{'source': 'http://url/to/video.mp4', 'type':'video'},
									{'source': 'http://url/to/image.jpg', 'type':'image'}


Name Parameter Description
showitem.f.lightbox event, data On lightbox show