Place vector icons anywhere using an icon font.

This component is using the fantastic Material Icons icon font, a project by Google. Altogether Material Icons provides more than 900 symbols and glyphs for web-related actions. Icon fonts are great, because they enable you to easily change color, size and more via CSS. They are scalable vector graphics, which means that they look great on high-resolution displays.

Legacy users will need Font Awesome as FatKit was switched to Material Icons ion April 2016.


To apply this component, add any .material-icons class to an <i> or <span> element. Et voilĂ , you have a vector icon, which inherits size and color just like your text does.


  • settings Uses the .material-icons class and settings text content
  • person Uses the .material-icons class and person text content
  • home Uses the .material-icons class and home text content
  • launch An icon in a link
mail_outline A button with an icon


<!-- This is an icon -->
<i class="material-icons">person</i>

<!-- This is an icon in a link -->
<a href=""><i class="material-icons">mail_outline</i> ...</a>

More examples

Button group

This example shows a group of buttons from the Button component with icons inside each button.


Button dropdown

This example shows a button which is split into a standard action to the left and a dropdown toggle on the right, using the Dropdown component.



This example shows a blockquote from the Base component with a large quote icon. It also uses the .f-align-left class from the Utility component.


format_quoteThe <blockquote> element defines a long quotation which also creates a new block by inserting white space before and after the blockquote element.

Size modifiers

Add the .f-icon-small, .f-icon-medium or .f-icon-large class to an icon to make the it larger.

  • home This is the default size.
  • home This icon uses the .f-icon-small class.
  • home This icon uses the .f-icon-medium class.
  • home This icon uses the .f-icon-large class.

Spin modifier

Add the .f-icon-spin class to create animated spinning icons.

  • autorenew Spinner icon for loading content ...
  • settings_backup_restore Refresh icon for refreshing content (animation reversed) ...


<i class="material-icons f-icon-spin">autorenew</i>
<i class="material-icons f-icon-spin f-icon-reverse">settings_backup_restore</i>

Icon hover

Use the modifier .f-icon-hover class to use an anchor as an icon, applying a hover effect and removing the link underline.


phone_android phone_iphone tablet_android tablet_mac


<a href="" class="material-icons f-icon-hover">phone_android</a>

Icon button

Use the modifier .f-icon-button class to create an icon button, which can be used perfectly for social icons.


phone_android phone_iphone tablet_android tablet_mac


<a href="" class="material-icons f-icon-button">phone_android</a>

Icon mapping

You can find all available .material-icons text content provided by Google Material Icons at that link.